This page possibly answers questions about how I can help you with your equipment.

In the early days it was only TV's and Radio's and I used to carry around a few valves, resistors, capacitors and a soldering iron with which I could complete most repairs in the home. Nowadays there is a such diverse range of home electronic equipment which is more complex, so I use a modern workshop to carry out repairs. As well as Televisions I am able to repair many types of electronic equipment including Satellite & Video Recorders. Please do not hesitate to contact me to see if I can help you with your technical problem.

What area do you cover?
I am based in Cosham on the Hampshire Sussex Border and I generally cover an area within 15 miles of Cosham.
This includes Cosham, Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham, Portchester, Bedhampton, Emsworth, Waterlooville, Cowplain, Horndean, Southbourne, Westbourne.

Can you replace a faulty LCD/Plasma screen?

Some screens can be affordable but it really depends on what screen the manufacturer has used. Very few companies use their own screens and they do not relate to the model number. Because of this, the set has to be stripped down to find out which screen has been used. Only then can availability and price be determined.

Do you repair any make/type of equipment?

I will certainly do my best for you, but sometimes spares are not available.

Additionally, we do not undertake repairs to any white goods. Fridge, Freezers, Microwaves etc.

I am not certain whether to repair my equipment or just buy a new one?

Firstly, it does not benefit me to repair an item at excessive cost to you, you will never call back and I need to maintain my excellent reputation.

Secondly, I dont do anything without your approval. I will always discuss the fault and cost with you before you are presented with a bill.

Thirdly, I will give you an honest opinion as if it were my own equipment taking into account age, condition and estimated cost of repair, as to whether to recommend repair or replacement.

If I can repair for less than half the cost of replacement and guarantee the unit, then I feel that I have provided a service for you that you will be happy with. 

Can you set up my new equipment for me?

Yes. If you are having trouble with your new DVD/Set Top Box etc, then I can come to your home, set up your system and explain how your new equipment works.

I have a real fault on my equipment, now what?

Easiest thing to do is to phone me and explain the problem. Please have the Make & Model of the unit you have a fault with. This will give me a chance to look it up on my database and hopefully, I will be able to give you an idea of the cost of repair. If not, I will have to look at the unit and phone you back with a diagnosis and price. 
Written estimates can be provided when required for insurance purposes.

How long will the repair take?

This depends on the fault. If I can, I like to turn around jobs under 24 hours. Common parts, not in stock, means a few days delay. Occasionally, parts have to be obtained which are 'out of stock' with my suppliers / manufacturers, in which case I will keep you informed of the likely repair date.

Can you repair my equipment at home?

Where possible if it is a known, simple fault. However I am unable to carry all the spares and equipment that may be required to cover all makes & models of all types of equipment.

If you are able to bring the item to me then please do so.

If you collect my unit, do I pay extra call out fee?

Not if you are local to Cosham. However, this is down to my availability, and yours. Your equipment is likely to be repaired quicker if you are able to bring it to me.

Do you guarantee the repair?

Yes. Usually a three months warranty is given but only on the specific repair that has been carried out. Occasionally, the term may be shorter or longer depending on the parts used. For example; A replacement new TV tube comes with a one year warranty.

Do you repair satellite/aerial equipment?

Digiboxes and dishes but aerial systems no.

Do you repair camcorders / iPods etc?


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